English Sparkling Wines beating the best of Champagne - join our club and see why!

Trying English Sparkling Wines for the first time?

For those of you that are interested in enjoying the finest exclusive English Sparkling Wines. I have set up Englishwinebox.com to deliver the best that the UK produces to your door including treats and vineyard tours on a club subscription or gift basis. Our wines are not available on the High Street or Supermarkets and only available from specialist local retailers. We have a flexible club subscription that can be paused or cancelled at any time that chooses small batch local vineyards for a new wine box deliver every month, this month includes two bottles of English Sparkling wines, Champagne truffles and free vineyard tour for two. We are so excited to have lined up Breaky Bottom Vineyard, in Lewes, East Sussex, for our Christmas launch. The very same Vineyard that supplied wines to help celebrate Her Majesty The Queen of England's 90th Birthday celebrations.

As the festive season fast approaches I hope that people will choose to celebrate Christmas and New Year with English sparkling wine rather than other fizzes from further afield. We may choose to buy a locally reared free range turkey and traditional Christmas pudding, so why not celebrate with a glass of fine local Fizz?

Check out our site and order for Christmas - www.englishwinebox.com or our facebook page @englishwinebox, if you can like or share to help promote our site I would appreciate it.

Many thanks

Michael Yeoman

Founder - English Wine Box