English Wine Box now offers full range of English sparkling and Premium Global Reds for customers

English Wine Box/Sourced drinks is now able to offer a full range of it's wines for both individuals and business clients from a single bottle to several cases for all of it's small batch English wine producers and for selected Premium Reds. Michael Yeoman, owner said 'Since launching the monthly subscription and one off gift selections for small batch English wine we have had many requests for mixed cases (6 bottles) and selections of wines for wine tasting or full bodied reds. This now has become our main line of business and so we now can offer a wide range of bespoke wines, spirits and craft beers. By understanding your tastes and budget we can put together a selewction of drinks to suit. In particular, in the UK we struggle to produce high quality reds and therefore we now offer a Big Global red selection as well as a Malbec collection which offer premium quality at the right price.' Feel free to contact Michael for more details on michael.yeoman@sourceddrinks.com or call him directly on 07773766225.